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 eurofloor - produzione di pavimenti modulari sopraelevati
PRODUCTION OF MODULAR FLOORS RAISED. Via S. Filippo Neri, 11 - 20035 Lissone (MI) Tel: + 39 039 480609 - Tel stabilimento: + 39 039 482449 Fax: + 39 039 482255 - E-mail: info@eurofloorsrl.com

 modular raised floors production - eurofloorsrl.com
If modular raised floors are to be used in warehouses and production facilities such as printing shops they need to be adapted to provide the possibility for the use of forklift and palette trucks. This will result in dynamic loads, including horizontal loads, which can be safely and failure-free transferred to the concrete slab via the metal frame and pedestals.

 modular systems for raised floorings | floor covering ...
Modular systems for raised floors: between stoneware and wood There are plenty of modular systems for raised floors. The most common is the raised stoneware floor, suitable for offices, business centers, banks and centers of technological equipment and systems in evolution.

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 raised floor: low profile vs post and panel, comparisons, uses
Since raised access flooring comes in lightweight, modular components, flooring can be added to or moved according to the needs of the office. As new technologies crop up, these floors can be added to the existing system, as at some time, every business enterprise will need more networking cables.

 modular raised floor : daxten
Modular Raised Floor Establish order with a modular raised foor system The modular Iso Floor solution is the most flexible and strongest raised floor on the market. Its rigid and self-supporting sub-structure allows up to 70% fewer pedestals than with conventional 600 x 600 mm grid floors.

 quality access floors
70% of the raised floors annually sold worldwide is with steel tray as most of the current international regulations can be fulfilled at competitive prices only by using galvanized steel with high load capacity, lightness, calibration and fast production. GW Company developed a steel encapsulated panel with an

 raised floors | marazzi
Raised Floors. The raised floor is a system of modular elements designed for the creation of floor coverings for buildings’ indoor and outdoor spaces. This technology is extremely practical because it creates a continuous void under the floor surface that can be utilized to route all technical systems.

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