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 how to frame a floor: 12 steps (with pictures) - wikihow
The floors of most modern structures are built by arranging individual pieces of dimensional lumber in a consistent, repeating pattern. This process, commonly known as "stick framing," results in a structure that’s lightweight and economical, yet built to last.

 what is floor framing? (with pictures) - wisegeek
Floor framing includes all structural components and fasteners used to construct floors in a house or commercial building. This term is typically only used to describe floors made from wood, as opposed to those constructed using concrete slabs.

 floor-framing design - fine homebuilding
There are many materials you can use for framing a floor: standard dimensional lumber, heavy timber (as in timber framing or post-and-beam construction), open web joists, and wooden I-joists are the options I typically choose from, depending on the situation.

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 floor framing - ak house project
Most residential floor framing systems are primarily made up of “joists,” horizontal framing members designed to span open spaces. Joists can be reinforced with “blocking” or “crush blocks” as needed, and tied together with floor sheathing. Floor joists are typically arranged parallel to one another and span the length of the building.

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